Todd Horton

Todd Horton grew up in the Mid-West region of America. Raised in a Christian home, part of a long line of believers, he went to the country church, in a small town of 2,100 people.

Todd started Touched By Grace.

Todd uses the motto ‘Reaching the World One Person at a Time’ to build one on one relationships with people from all over the world while teaching others through Biblical Experience Trips, how the Bible comes to life.

Married to Rev. Rose Horton for 26 years, and he has raised four children.

Having traveled extensively throughout Europe, America and the Middle-East, he felt that God called him specifically to Israel and has lived there for over ten years. Loving God with everything you have and loving your neighbor as yourself are key to understanding how to affect the community around you and building a community of Faith.

Rose Cross Horton

Rose grew up in Indiana and graduated from Taylor University with a B.A. in Christian Education and a Psychology minor.  She and her husband, Todd, work together to teach the message of God’s grace to a world this filled with stress and fear.  

Rose enjoys encouraging women empowerment, through women’s retreats, to understand the significance of resting, refreshing and restoring themselves so they can be a better influence to those around them. She teaches with a Biblical Hebraic understanding with principles that might surprise you! She is blessed to be the mother of four children aged 12 to 17 and homeschools them.

After college graduation and marriage, Rose worked in several churches before transferring to the mortgage industry for six years. When her second child was born she became a stay-at-home mom.

Rose and her husband traveled to Israel for the first time in 2005 with their two young children. While her husband managed an office, she designed a retreat for women and hosted numerous Rest, Refresh, Restore weekends for women in Nashville, TN. Rose was then invited to lead several in other states.

Since being planted in Israel, and now Cyprus, Rose has managed the TBG House and entertained people from all over the world. As a pastor, she also has immersed people in the Jordan River and led Biblical Experience trips, which disciple people (mainly women), in the roots of their faith.

Josiah Asher Yo'el Horton

Dear Family and Friends,

I am Josiah Horton. I help edit videos and podcasts. Now, all of these projects are predominantly handled by me. Changing music, ordering clips, taking out background noise, or adding text are all tasks I manage. I also format flyers and brochures that are made and do a little website editing and formatting as well.

Every day I send out the Daily Torah Portion via the Daily Torah Portion App. I take the Word and put it into the app and onto Facebook. Daily Torah has reached over 3,000 people.

Passwords are an important aspect of any ministry so I make sure accounts are up to date and secure, and information is safe and easily accessible. I also play soccer. That has enabled me to make relationships with young men my age in the area. This is an outlet for me to be a light to those around me.

I have learned that Touched by Grace isn’t truly a company. It is a family living by a lifestyle that God set in place. We don’t all have the same bloodline, but we have the same Father and everyone who joins TBG becomes part of the family. The family can be all across the globe doing the things God needs them to do and still be a family reaching the World One Person at a Time. If there are 12 people in the family, that means that at the very least 12 people are reached.

God can do something special in all of us and TBG can show you that no matter the circumstance, as long as you put your faith in God, you can do great things for the Kingdom. Sometimes you just have to take a Step of Faith.



Ronald Mukisa

Touched By Grace has partnered with Ronald Mukisa who leads an orphanage in Uganda. Our role is to support his mission financially and spiritually as he is currently overseeing the care of 43 orphans.

Pierre Seker

– Chairman of the Board

Matthys and Lorraine De Kock

– Partners of TBGrace

Andrew Addinall

– Web developer of TBGrace

In 2012 I (Andrew) met Todd through a divine encounter. I was volunteering in Israel at a Kibbutz when I became born-again in the middle of that year. I had this strong urge te become baptised and started thinking about how or where I could do it. It was nearing a weekend when I decided to travel up to Yardenit (the baptismal site at the Jordan river). I didn’t know what I was going to do once I was there but decided to go by faith.
Initially when I got there I asked around if I could get baptised, but was told that there isn’t anyone to baptise me (people usually come in groups with their pastor’s who then baptise them there.)
I felt bummed… Then someone else came and said that they know of a person (Todd) who usually comes through to baptise people. They called him and we started chatting and soon after I was baptised!

Todd was the very person I was looking for when I had a hundred thousand questions about God and was trying to figure everything out.

Then after 2013 we just naturally stopped communicating, until 2020 when I felt the Lord stir my heart to re-connect with Todd again.

I now host and maintain all the TBG websites (except for Daily Torah Portion).