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Where Faith Comes To Life

Touched By Grace

Where Faith Comes To Life

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Touched by Grace inspires individuals to unleash their true purpose by facilitating individual transformation through the synergy of partnership.

Following the example of Christ, we seek to infuse the people we equip with resolve nd boldness allowing their authentic potential to be unleashed.

Our goal is to guide individuals to lead a focused life with elegance and passion so they in turn become powerful catalysts for radical change around them. Living a life free from fear or boxes that hold them back.

Touched by Grace recognises we are created for life.


God Rescues Adopts Completes & Equips

To Lead People To Become Fully Devoted Followers of Christ

Biblical Experience


Faith Comes To Life

We Look Forward To Hosting You.

The Biblical Experience Where Faith Comes To Life


Touched by Grace has been offering Biblical trips since 2007. Todd & Rose Horton have been serving people around the World who desire to connect with the root of their faith.

Touched by Grace works with participating groups from 1 person – 15 people. We see the value in offering people a smaller and more intimate setting as they come on a Biblical trip for the first time or a returning visit.

Our approach provides a concierge level of service for your trip. We meet you where you are physically, spiritually, and emotionally, ensuring you are well cared for while on your trip.

Come and rest, learn, and grow in faith.  Most important of all is experiencing how the WORD of God is living and active from where it was spoken.
We look forward to serving you in your desire to come to on a Biblical Experience trip in Cyprus, Egypt, Greece, Israel, Jordan, or Rome.

“What a splendid time? Words cannot begin to describe the impact of this trip and the visits to so many important Biblical places.  They have profoundly enlivened my sense of the stories and the impact of their message.  As moving was to be with your family.  Every one of you is a delight.  In just a few days with you, I know already that I will miss you all.”


– Dudley Rose, Associate Dean for Ministry Studies and Lecturer on Ministry at Harvard University



“We need to open our hearts to the one who created us. Our lives were designed for life and life more abundant in freedom. No longer a slave to the brokenness of iniquity but the reality of victory”. – Todd Horton

Jordan River Experience and Beyond


Bringing Commitment to Life

Jordan River Experience – Bringing Commitment to Life


Touched by Grace is immersing individuals in the ancient Jordan River that John immersed in 2000 years ago. We are witnessing individuals who are making a first time profession of faith in the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob or rededication because they are in Israel.

We currently have immersed 3,109 people from 91 different nations of the 196 nations of the World. 1,682 of these baptisms are first time professions of faith since May 2012.

Many people come to Israel on their own and not with any particular group and want to be baptized. Touched by Grace has been requested to help those individuals who would like to be immersed, and give them an opportunity to share their public profession of faith here in Israel.

Watch here as Simon Reeve from the BBC interviews Todd at the baptismal site, to get a glimpse of how TBG facilitates baptisms.

Daily Torah Portion


Word Comes To Life

Daily Torah Portion


Daily Torah Portion is birthed out of a desire to come close to the Torah everyday letting it change us into individual LIVING TORAHS for the world to see. May your life be changed forever.


God’s Word is in you!


These Daily Torah Portion readings

according to the Hebrew calendar, will help you in your study of scripture, to better gain understanding of how God wants to meet you past, present, and future. This daily progressive study will bring you into a deeper place of personal growth … further making you aware you are His living love letter bringing hope and light to a broken world. The Holy Spirit will lead you to places that only He can take you in your walk with God.



Heaven On Planet Earth

H.O.P.E. encourages individuals, families, and communities to use their time, talents, treasures, and testimonies.

We want to be focused, passionate, and intentional team players building communities around the world bringing God’s Hope Vision and God’s Biblical H.O.P.E. 5 point plan of action. We want God’s just currency, food, and wealth creating jobs and economies modelling God’s Moral Servant Leadership.

School Of Faith


Education for Life in Community

Now Taking Students

Touched by Grace also offers the following programs:

Women Empowerment Rest, Refresh, Restore


In 2005 Rose attended a women’s retreat that changed her life. That fall the Lord took her to a country she never imagined she would be, Israel. It started a journey that has taught her how to REST in God, be REFRESHED by God, and RESTORED to God. In 2006 she planned and hosted her first retreat. Since then she has hosted several throughout the country and even in Germany. The retreats are not designed to tell Rose’s story; rather, they are designed to draw the women into a deeper relationship with the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. Until you experience a retreat, you have no idea what you are missing.

Men to Men


Men come together in an environment where intentional led lives are cultivated in relationship with one another based on respect, encouragement and hope.

Premarital and Marriage Counseling


Todd & Rose customize their counseling based on individual couple assessments and bring over 26 years of relational experience. Relationships can feel like a juggling act many times. Balancing Love and Respect in relationships will help to establish longevity and success.

Rose graduated from Taylor University in 1994 with a B.A. in Christian Education and a Psychology minor. Rose is a licensed marriage counselor with Prepare/Enrich Seminars.